The History of Paris Longchamp

The History of Paris Longchamp Emperor Napoleon III sailed down the Seine on his private yacht to watch the action unfold on the first day of racing at Longchamp. He joined a huge crowd on April 27, 1857, along with his wife Eugénie and many other members of the royal family and the broader aristocracy.

They watched on as Eclaireur got the better of a famous mare called Miss Gladiator in the inaugural race at Longchamp. There were four more races held that day, and the event proved to be a roaring success.

Since then, it has emerged as one of the world’s most famous racecourses, responsible for hosting more than half of France’s Group 1 races. When you check out today’s French horse racing tips, you will notice that the biggest events take place at Longchamp, including the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe.

The Duke’s Dream Becomes a Reality

Racing had been held at the Champ de Mars in Paris since 1833, but the French aristocrats sought a higher level of grandeur. The Duc de Morny approached the authorities with a proposal to build a racecourse within the vast Bois de Boulogne in Paris, which is more than double the size of New York’s Central Park.

The authorities gave their consent, and the Longchamp opened the following year. It boasts a glorious setting, nestled amid manicured lawns and straddling the banks of the Seine, making it the perfect venue for elite racing.

In 1863, the Société d’Encouragement established the Grand Prix de Paris, which instantly became the world’s richest horse race. It took place at Longchamp. A British colt called The Ranger outstripped his rivals that year, seizing a prize of 100,000 francs, which the Duc de Morny raised from the Paris Municipal Court and the railway companies.

It turned Paris into the centre of the global racing scene. However, that all fell by the wayside when Longchamp was bombed during the 1870 Siege of Paris. Racing had to be abandoned throughout the Franco-Prussian War, but it would emerge stronger than ever in the 20th century.

The Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe Debuts

Racing was also cancelled during the First World War, but the government was keen to mark the end of the fighting with a celebratory event. By that point, there were two very famous races at Longchamp – the Grand Prix de Paris and the Prix du Conseil Municipal, a handicap established in 1893.

The French racing committee decided to launch an event that was similar to the Prix du Conseil Municipal, but without any weight penalties. The Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe was conceived – named after the Paris landmark that became a symbol of the Allied victory during the post-War celebrations – and it first took place in 1920.

Count Evremond de Saint-Alary’s three-year-old colt, Comrade, won the race, which carried prize money of 150,000 francs. Comrade also won the Grand Prix de Paris that year.

The War Years

Longchamp continued to grow in stature during the 1920s and 1930s, but racing stopped during the outbreak of World War II. It resumed during the German occupation in 1941, with a host of German officers in the stands to watch the likes of Le Pacha and Djebel triumph.

In 1943, Longchamp was hit by a bomb during a race, killing seven people. The bodies were cleared from the track, and racing resumed an hour and a half later. French essayist Jean Guéhenno decried it as a sign of just how far standards of decency had fallen, as people continued betting on races at the crumbling course that day.

A Major Renovation

Longchamp was fully restored after the war, and racing continued unabated until 2016, when it closed for two years, allowing the authorities to conduct a €150 million makeover.

More famous races were added during the second half of the 20th century, and the Hippodrome de Longchamp – to use its full name – also began hosting concerts. For example, the Rolling Stones played there as part of their Voodoo Lounge Tour in 1995 and they returned in 2022 for another gig.

The racecourse had received minor upgrades and expansions over the years, but it needed a major overhaul. France Galop, the governing body of French racing and the owner of Longchamp, commissioned renowned architect Dominique Perrault to overhaul the historic venue.

It reopened in 2018, just in time to host the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, which had been held in Chantilly while the renovations were taking place. Guests mingled at a chic new open-air café, took in stunning views at the sprawling rooftop lounge and gathered in the ultra-modern grandstand to watch Enable seal a second Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe win.

The Modern Era

Longchamp now has a capacity of 50,000. The complex is 56 hectares. It is essentially four racecourses intertwined into one larger course. That allows it to host a diverse mix of races, ranging from 1,000 metres to 4,000 metres in length.

The longest course is 2,750m, another is 2,500m, a third is 2,150m and there is also a 1,000m straight course that runs across the other three. It gives France Galop a great deal of flexibility, so there are 46 different starting points for races at Longchamp.

The main event each year is the Arc – Europe’s richest horse race, with a €5 million prize purse – but the Grand Prix de Paris, the Poule d’Essai des Poulains and the Poule d’Essai des Pouliches are also extremely prestigious.

It is a flat racing venue, so the season hits its stride in May with the Prix Gany and winds down with the Prix de Royallieu, Prix du Cadran, Prix de l’Abbaye de Longchamp, Prix Marcel Boussac, Prix Jean-Luc Lagardère, Prix de la Forêt, Prix de ‘l’Arc de Triomphe, Prix de l’Opéra and Prix Royal-Oak in October.

You can visit for a variety of meetings throughout the summer, and you can also take in famous artworks from the likes of Édouard Manet and Edgar Degas, who have depicted racedays at Longchamp.

‘Utah is going away…. They are going to blow it up’: Utah Jazz crashes, blockbuster trade predicted in the off-season

‘Utah is going away…. They are going to blow it up’: Utah Jazz crashes, blockbuster trade predicted in the off-season On Friday, Utah Jazz were kicked out of the first round of the playoffs after a 98-96 defeat to the Dallas Mavericks, losing the playoff series 4-2.
Bojan Bogdanovic had the opportunity to win it for Utah Jazz with an open look at a 3-pointer in the closing but missed, seeing his team crash out of the playoff series and the ramifications could be greatly dramatic.

Utah Jazz has now made it to the playoffs for 6 consecutive seasons but has continually been eliminated early in the post-season and that was the case once again this time around. It was even worse with Mavericks star Luka Doncicout injured for the opening few games of the playoff series.

ESPN NBA analyst Michael Wilbon claimed earlier in the week that Utah Jazz would have to “blow up” the squad and start all over again should it go down to Dallas Mavericks.
Wilbon said on The Tony Kornheiser Show, “Utah is going away. They are going to blow that team up.”

“I don’t know if they are going to keep Donovan Mitchell and try to build around him or if they’ll trade Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert. I don’t know the answer to that or if anybody does. I think it depends on the offers that are out there.”
Mitchell is the most possible piece to be on the trade table considering he would attract several interests across the league although Rudy Gobert is another trade option.
Matt Barnes also said there would be a big opportunity at Utah Jazz should they not make it beyond the second round, let alone the first round, and maintained that on Twitter yesterday. Their fans will also have a chance to claim some wins using picks from FlashPicks when the team continue their fight in the playoffs.

“They’ve been one of the better teams in the Western Conference for the last two to three years and all they have to show for that is two first-round exits and a second-round exit,” Barnes disclosed on ESPN’s ‘NBA Today’ earlier this month.
“I’ve continually said: ‘Who is going to be their consistent next second guy?’. They’re missing that second key guy and don’t be surprised if this falls flat on its face again if Donovan Mitchell leaves Utah.”

Mitchell secured 23 points, and 9 assists with8 rebounds on Friday to lead the way for Utah Jazz but it was not enough with Doncic and Brunson (24 points) coming up big for Dallas Mavericks.
The Mavericks will square up against the Phoenix Suns in the second round.
The possible fallout of another early postseason defeat has been a subject of much talk around the NBA all campaign, especially among teams that would be keen to trade for Mitchell or fellow cornerstone Rudy Gobert if Utah Jazz eventually decides to break up the partnership.

“No matter what, I’m always going to do my best to be the best Rudy I can be on and off the floor and win,” Gobert disclosed after Utah’s 98-96 Game 6 defeat. “The rest is out of my control.”

How much longer will Mitchell, who has 3-years and a fourth-year player option remaining on his deal, remains committed to the franchise that drafted him?
Several teams are eagerly awaiting the answer; reports suggest teams have been planning for months in anticipation of the 3-time All-Star asking to be traded this offseason. Mitchell did not commit himself when asked about the possibility in the wake of their elimination.
“My mindset is to win. Like I said, right now, I’m not really looking at [asking for a trade],” Mitchell said. “For me, I just want to win.”
“This hurts,” Mitchell said. “Like I said, I’ll think about it in a week and go from there, but right now, I’m not really thinking about any of that.”

How cricket betting has become a popular sport to bet on

How cricket betting has become a popular sport to bet on Sports have always been a popular market for people to bet on with there being many sports to now choose from with most sports now available for gamblers to bet on and cricket betting has recently become popular amongst gamblers. Many UK casinos not on gamstop that can be found here at are being visited by many cricket fans from all over the world.

Why has it become popular?

Cricket is one of the most-watched sports on the planet with millions of us taking an interest when different games are on that are often aired on tv to the millions of us who are watching from home. The sport has quickly become one of the most popular to be bet on with sports fans taking up cricket betting due to the large odds that they can get on the matches. Since the pandemic has eased and fans can once again return to cricket grounds it has only encouraged more cricket fans to place bets on the live matches that they are watching.

Many sports have become popular for gamblers to bet on, and cricket is the most recent one that many of us are now looking to try and win some money on. Even football fans are starting to take an interest in betting on cricket due to the odds on the matches being attractive to gamblers as you can win large sums of money if you get lucky and bet on the winning team.

Sports bets

Sports bets have become popular in recent years with more of us looking to try and win some money on our favourite sports. During the pandemic, a lot of sports got put on hold due to restrictions being put in place that did not allow sporting events to take place or fans to attend the matches. Since the pandemic has eased and lockdowns have been lifted sports bets have once again become popular amongst millions of sports fans and cricket has become one of the most popular sports to now watch and place bets on.

Many cricket matches are now available on different betting platforms with the sport quickly becoming more popular as the season progress with more of us looking to watch cricket matches either on the tv or to attend live games whilst placing bets on the team they think will win.

The Ronaldo conundrum: Is Manchester United’s number seven helping or hindering his team?

The Ronaldo conundrum: Is Manchester United's number seven helping or hindering his team?

As Cristiano Ronaldo rose in the air, you just knew what the outcome was going to be. Meeting Alex Telles’ corner with a powerful header, the ball arrowed into the top corner, leaving Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Hugo Lloris rooted to the spot. 3-2. Hat-trick. Three points for Manchester United.

Ronaldo’s return to Old Trafford has been a tale of twists and turns. He made an instant impact early in the season, to the point where fans and pundits were hailing the decision to bring him back to the club. However, there have been times in the months since where it seems as though Ronaldo’s presence in the team has affected United’s ability to press from the front — a sense that this shining emblem of the club’s past was now holding them back.

But then he produces moments of magic like he did against Tottenham. His first goal seemed to transport everyone back to 2008, when Ronaldo was in his pomp for Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson. Receiving Fred’s flick some 25 yards from goal, Ronaldo unleashed a powerful, dipping effort beyond Lloris and into the top corner. Later in the half, he put them 2-1 ahead after Harry Kane’s equaliser, getting on the end of Jadon Sancho’s cross to tap home from close range. Then came the late header which sealed the win once and for all.

This is the Ronaldo conundrum that is dumbfounding fans, pundits and writers alike at the moment. On one hand, the Portuguese international is one of the greatest footballers ever to walk the earth. Indeed, his first goal against Spurs saw him become the FIFA-recognised leading all-time scorer in football history. Surely that should be enough to give him value to Manchester United beyond his mere commercial appeal.

But if United are to truly make strides in the coming years, you feel that having a player like Ronaldo among the ranks just won’t cut the mustard. Ralf Rangnick has been tasked with taking the reins after the inconsistency of Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s tenure, to pave the way for a new permanent manager to join in the summer and lead the club forward, hopefully helping their chances in the odds for football betting.

United’s aim will be to replicate the success that Manchester City and Liverpool have enjoyed in recent years, but when you look at those teams there are no outliers in the squad in the same way that Ronaldo is at United. Yes, they have recognisable star players in the form of Kevin De Bruyne and Mohamed Salah, but those two are a key part of their team’s respective systems — a vital cog in the winning machine.

Ronaldo, by contrast, feels like a luxury — the shiny sports car that looks good and feels good but isn’t so useful for the school run. His presence up front for Manchester United has undoubtedly been a hindrance to players like Sancho and Marcus Rashford, who are forced to operate in the shadow of this footballing behemoth.

Even at the age of 37, Ronaldo undoubtedly still has the quality to play for one of the world’s biggest clubs, but you have to question whether his presence at Manchester United is what the club needs to progress and start the next chapter.