Memorable Boxing Trilogies

Memorable Boxing Trilogies  In boxing, few scenarios captivate the public like a trilogy, where fighters repeatedly go to war, engaging in epic matchups that are by their very nature – (the viewers desire for rematch after rematch!) destined for the history books. There are several memorable trilogies we could turn our attention to, so we’ve selected three from across the decades that in our view, definitely make the grade. In you’re too young to have seen some first time around, check them out on Youtube sometime. Sure you likely already know the outcomes, but these are unmissible encounters that deserve us returning to on occasion.

First in line for a mention, and one young and old boxing fans alike will keenly recall are the three heavyweight match-ups between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. From 2018 to 2021, this trilogy had it all: controversy, WWE Undertaker style comebacks, and the will be overcome adversity. The first fight of the trilogy ended in a controversial draw, notable for Fury’s dramatic recovery from what initially looked to be fight-ending knockdown. In the rematch, Fury showcased his boxing prowess, stopping a deflated looking Wilder in the seventh round. Wilder just couldn’t find the answers. The trilogy ended with a return to the epic nature of their initial bout, with Fury overcoming adversity (being knocked down twice) to secure a victory by way of knockout in the eleventh round.  In the modern era where few fights fans actually want to see even happen – and Youtubers are treated as boxing Gods – it’s a miracle that we got to enjoy such an epic series of fights.

Rewinding the years back to the 1990s, the heavyweight battles between Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe saw two warriors of what many now see as a golden era of boxing, go to war. Their initial 1992 fight was a closely fought contest that saw Bowe win out. The rematch the following year was another top-tier encoutner, with Holyfield edging out Bowe to reclaim his title. The trilogy wrapped up two years later in 1995 amidst the bizarre “Fan Man” incident that I’m sure we all remember, with Bowe securing a victory by TKO. Remember that these two legends of the rings were around in the era of Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis and the like. It was a who’s who of heavyweight greats.

Last but not least, no talk of boxing trilogies is complete without the Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier fights being placed in the mix. Taking place in the early to mid-1970s, this trilogy was more than a sporting event; it was a cultural and political symbol of the times. Their first meeting in 1971, dubbed “The Fight of the Century,” saw, to the shock of fans, Frazier handing Ali his first career defeat. Ali, a dertermined individual by any standard, went back to the drawing board and won the rematch in 1974. With one win a piece, this set the stage for the iconic “Thrilla in Manila” bout the following year.  It was a fight in which Ali emerged victorious after Frazier’s corner stopped the fight before the 15th round (remember the 15 round days?).

With boxing politics so often in the way now, trilogies like these may become thin on the ground going forward, but I do hope not. No sport does rivalries like boxing, and these are just a few examples from over the years that have enthralled fans both at and away from the arena.

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