Canada and Sporting Achievement

Canada and Sporting Achievement  With the worlds eyes on the US election right now (and inevitable unnerving aftermath), it brings to mind the many examples of sporting excellence that are present Stateside. The competitive mindset that can cause problems in some fields, has in sport been channeled into creating some of the most captivating moments in sporting history. What though about Uncle Sam’s cousin, Canada. While my only direct experience of the country is the online casino canada website, I’m well aware that Canadians have a reputation of being a little more ‘dialed down’, courteous, less competitive perhaps.

These are all stereotypes though of course, and even if there is a grain (or dollop!) of truth to them, that doesn’t mean that the country lacks those with the most single minded determination known to man! Take 100m Sprinter Donovan Bailey, he was for a time known to be the world’s fastest man. World Champion going into the the 1996 Olympics (held in none other than Atlanta, Unites States!) , he shocked the world by winning gold in 9.84 seconds, becoming – for a time – the fastest man in history. A man later he collected another Gold in the 4x100m.

While I’m playing on meilleurs casinos en ligne , the average sporty Canadian may well be playing Ice Hockey. People around the world often come to associate the country with the sport, and there have been many magical Ice Hockey moments over the years.Take the Russia – Canada of hockey games that happened during the cold war and really captivated the nation. Over seven games, both Canada and Russia had three wins a piece. In game seven though Canadian Paul Henderson managed to score with just seconds to go. He instantly became a Canadian hero. Not only this but he had previously scored in the 6th and 7th games, keeping Canada in the running. Henderson kis a prime example of determination and ability.

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